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After giving a solid demonstration of the on-screen chemistry with Marvel’s THOR: RAGNAROK, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are back to reboot Sony’s Men in Black franchise with MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL. They’ve got the black suits, the Ray Bans, and an arsenal of alien weaponry that’s poised to open fire on this weekend’s box office.

After beaming down for the film’s Thursday night preview screenings, director Gary F. Gray’s MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL has launched with $3.1 million in North American locations where the film played to 4,224 theaters. According to analysts, the family-friendly sci-fi reboot is projected to make $30 million domestic during its opening salvo, provided that Tim Story’s SHAFT doesn’t gun the alien-centric adventure down like a no good, dirty mother (shut your mouth).

The latest “Men in Black” sequel no longer follows Agents Jay (Will Smith) and Kay (Tommy Lee Jones), although their likenesses are one of the many Easter eggs sprinkled throughout “MIB: International.” Instead, there’s a new hero, Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) and his mentor, High T (Liam Neeson), in the middle of a daring mission on the Eiffel Tower. Inexplicably, the story then jumps to Brooklyn 20 years prior, where a young Molly (Mandeiya Flory) first sees the Men in Black and encounters her first alien. She grows up (now played by Tessa Thompson) obsessed with space and joining the Men in Black. She gets a lucky break from Agent O (Emma Thompson) and sets off for her first mission.

Men in Black: International” is also the latest movie to shoehorn in a few empty pop feminist lines and call it progressive like when Agent M brings up why the organization’s name doesn’t include the Women in Black. Yet, not long after this scene, Agent M has to ask if she’s getting offered to an alien as a sexual companion. If this is Hollywood’s idea of feminism, I really wished they’d invest in women writers. The story didn’t need to go there, much like it didn’t need to add on excess exposition, other dull side characters and random country jumping to fulfill the need to see Westerners run through foreign marketplaces.

MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL centers around the secret organization who investigates extraterrestrial lifeforms living on planet Earth. This time out, the finely-suited franchise is set in the London sector of the MIB outfit, with Agents H (Chris Hemsworth) and M (Tessa Thompson) looking to solve a series of confounding alien attacks. Helmed by Gray from a script penned by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL continues Sony’s effort to expand on the world presented in Malibu Comics by Lowell Cunningham. Emma Thompson reprises her role as Agent O for the reboot, with newcomers Kumail Nanjiani, Rebecca Ferguson and Rafe Spall also along for Sony’s wild ride.

When the first MEN IN BLACK film arrived on the scene in 1997, the sci-fi spectacle starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones earned a worldwide total of $1.6 billion throughout its theatrical run. When looking at the franchise as a whole, we find that all three MIB chapters netted more than $50 million during their North American weekend openings. With MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL projected to take home $30 million by the close of this Sunday’s box office, one has to wonder if Sony will be looking to develop additional sequels with Hemsworth and Thompson as the franchise’s newest agents.



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